Backwards compatibility promise

August 10, 2017

This document is a work in progress. The backwards compatibility promise will start as of version 1.0.0. Before this version new releases can break backwards compatibility.


kubicorn follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 when creating new releases. In short, this means that we will only break backwards compatibility when doing major releases (such as 1.0, 2.0 etc). When releasing minor (such as 1.1.0, 1.2.0, etc) or patch (such as 1.0.1, 1.2.8, etc) updates no backward compatibility will be broken. It’s important to us that kubicorn keeps working as expected when updating your release between patches and updates. If any backwards compatibility is broken in a release, other than a major release, this will be rectified in a new update.

Release types

Semantic Versioning has three specific types of releases that kubicorn will use:

  • Major (1.0, 2.0 etc): A major release can contain features and bug fixes. These features and bug fixes can break backwards compatibility. Always read the supplied documentation before performing a major upgrade.
  • Minor (1.1.0, 1.2.0, etc): A minor release can contain features and bug fixes. These features and bug fixes are not allowed to break backwards compatibility.
  • Patch (1.0.1, 1.2.8, etc): A patch release can only contain bug fixes. These bug fixes are not allowed to break backwards compatibility.

Before releasing a new Major or Minor release there may be Alpha, Beta or Release candidates. These releases are not meant for production and no backwards compatibility promise applies to these. These releases will follow the same numbering scheme but will contain a dash with the release type and release version (such as 1.0.0-ALPHA1, 1.0.0-BETA1, 1.0.0-RC1).

Patch notes

Every new release will be accompanied by a list of all bugs fixed and features added in that release. Every bug and feature will have a link to the github issue associated with the change.

Updating major releases

When kubicorn decides to release a new major version we will include documentation that explains all backwards compatibility breaks. The documentation will also provide recommended ways to upgrade your environment to the new version of kubicorn. Major updates don’t have backwards compatibility by default. A major release can be released without breaking backwards compatibility.


Releases can contain experimental features. These experimental features are excluded from the backwards compatibility promise. These features will be marked as such to prevent confusion. Experimental features will not invalidate the backwards compatibility promise of existing features.