Global Environmental Variables list

August 17, 2017

Variable Type Description
KUBICORN_STATE_STORE string The state store type to use for the cluster
KUBICORN_STATE_STORE_PATH string The state store path to use
KUBICORN_NAME string The name of the cluster to use
KUBICORN_PROFILE string The profile name to create new clusters APIs with
KUBICORN_SET string Set custom property for the cluster
KUBICORN_TRUECOLOR bool Always run kubicorn with lolgopher truecolor
KUBICORN_FORCE_DELETE_KEY bool Force delete key for AWS
KUBICORN_FORCE_DISABLE_SSH_AGENT bool Force SCP and SSH to never use SSH agent
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID string The AWS access key to use with AWS profiles - Optional, see AWS Walkthrough
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY string The AWS secret to use with AWS profiles - Optional, see AWS Walkthrough
DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN string The DigitalOcean access token used to authenticate with the API
GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS string The location of the Google service account key file