Kubicorn Documentation

August 29, 2017


Here is the content of the official kubicorn website: kubicorn.io.

All documentation for the project is hosted in the docs section of kubicorn.io.

Adding a new page

To create a new page on the website, create a new .md markdown file in /docs/_documentation.

All new docs must contain the header:

layout: documentation
title: [The title of your document]
date: YYYY-MM-DD
doctype: [general/aws/azure/do/google]

Where doctype is the larger category for the documentation (valid categories are general, aws, azure, do, and google). All docs should be written in valid .md markdown.

Do not include a title top level header on the document, e.g. # Title. The title is pulled from title: value on the section above. You can start your file with a level two header, e.g. ## Second level header, or go straight to normal text.

Editing existing documentation

Simply update the associated .md markdown file. All documentation should be in complete sentences.